The 5 minute guide

Step 1: Create a project

For this demo we will click on the "Default" template

Step 2: Read welcome screen

This will help familiarize yourself with how things are structured.

Step 3: Edit the User Resource

We are going to add a Full Name field to this resource.

Step 4: Add a Text Field

by dragging and dropping the Text Field component on the form. Call it "Full Name"

Step 5: Save the form

And notice both the API and the Form was created

Step 5: Edit the User Register Form

which is located in the Forms section

Step 6: Add the User resource Full Name field

By dragging it from the User resource section.

Step 7: Press Save to see your form

Step 8: Preview your working application

Which shows your form changes within the application.

Step 9: Download the application from GitHub

Step 10: Configure the application

by editing the /src/config.js file and change APP_URL

Step 11: Install Dependencies

Step 12: Install and Run application from your Terminal

By typing the following in your terminal.
  • bower install
  • npm install
  • gulp serve

You now have a full working application running on!

Have fun with!