Role Assignment Action Setup

This documentation will detail how to set up a role assignment action in conjunction with a new resource.

Create a new Resource called ‘Employee’. Add a few fields which will map and collect data from a Registration form we will create later Next, within the ‘Access’ section of your project, create a new role called ‘Employee’. We will utilize this role when we create our Role Assignment Action in the following step. Navigate back to the ‘Employee’ resource and add a ‘Role Assignment’ action. Make sure and set the Action fields to ‘New Resource’, ‘Add Role’ and choose our newly created role ‘Employee’. Create a new form called ‘Employee Registration’ and add some additional fields specific to this Registration form. Add a ‘Save Submission’ action to the Registration form. Leave the ‘Save Submission to’ field blank. This will ensure data submitted from this form will save to itself. Add a second ‘Save Submission’ action to the form. Set the ‘Save Submission to’ field to the ‘Employee’ resource. Next, map the fields from the Registration form to the related fields on the ‘Employee’ resource as shown in the image. Fields mapped to the Employee Resource will save to the resource upon submission. Create a new form called ‘Employee Login’. Add an Employee ID and Password field. Add a ‘Login’ action to the form. Add ‘Employee’ to the ‘Resource’ field and map the Username and Password fields in the action to the ID/Password fields from the form.

Now we have a workflow to register new Employees, a resource for collecting employee information, and login form to authenticate against the Employee resource.