Development License

A license for the local deployment the platform for development and testing purposes.

What is a Development License?

The Development License enables developers to spin up and down instances of the platform locally on the developer's machine allowing for local development and testing without affecting the remotely deployed platform configuration.

The local deployments must be connected to a local database. The development license allows for local deployments of unlimited projects, stages, forms, and API/PDF servers.

‌The development license is priced on a per-seat basis. Customers with a subscription for a remotely deployed configuration containing 3 or more API Server Environments are eligible to order a Development License.

‌Please contact [email protected] and one of our sales team members would be happy to help you get set up.

Development License Script

With a development license, servers can be locally deployed and connected to a single local MongoDB. Please note you will not be able to use the "replicaSet" option for the connection or connect to any remote databases. All connections must be to a local database. With the Development License, there are no limits with projects, stages, or forms.

docker network create formio || true && \
mkdir ~/opt/mongodb || true && \
docker run -itd \
--name formio-mongo \
--network formio \
--volume ~/opt/mongodb:/data/db \
--restart unless-stopped \
mongo && \
docker run -d \
-e "MONGO=mongodb://localhost:27017/formio" \
-e "PORTAL_ENABLED=true" \
-e "PDF_SERVER=http://pdf-server:4005" \
--restart unless-stopped \
--link pdf-server:pdf-server \
--network formio \
--name formio-server \
-p 3000:80 \
formio/formio-enterprise && \
mkdir ~/minio/data || true && \
mkdir ~/minio/config || true && \
docker run -itd \
--network formio \
--name formio-minio \
--restart unless-stopped \
-p 9000:9000 \
-v ~/minio/data:/data \
-v ~/minio/config:/root/.minio \
minio/minio server /data && \
docker run -itd \
-e "MONGO=mongodb://mongo:27017/formio" \
-e "FORMIO_S3_SERVER=minio" \
-e "FORMIO_S3_PORT=9000" \
-e "FORMIO_S3_BUCKET=formio" \
--network formio \
--link formio-mongo:mongo \
--link formio-minio:minio \
--restart unless-stopped \
--name pdf-server \
-p 4005:4005 \