PDF Solution

The Form.io platform offers two PDF offerings for its hosted and deployed users.

PDF Basic

PDF Basic enables the ability to print and download webform submissions as a PDF download.

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  • Available with the hosted SaaS or as an Enterprise configuration for self-hosted deployments

  • Click the PDF icon when viewing any webform submissions within the Form.io portal to download the submission as a PDF.

  • Incorporate the PDF button into your application to provide PDF output functionality

PDF Plus

PDF Plus not only includes the same printable PDFs included with PDF Basic, but also offers several additional PDF-related features for self-hosted deployments.

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  • PDF Template Designer -Design the output of PDF downloads of your webform submissions. These template designs can take the data from your webforms and output the data into a customized PDF for things like receipts, mailers, contracts, quotes, etc.

  • PDF Forms - Convert traditional PDFs to JSON-driven webforms with pixel-perfect backgrounds by adding digital components on top of the PDF background.

  • PDF Conversion

    • Fillable - Takes existing PDF XML data and converts to a JSON-driven Form.io PDF form.

    • NonFillable (textract) - Utilizes AWS Textract to detect fields on the PDF Form and converts them into JSON-driven Form.io components.

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