Form Settings

Form Settings is where you can further modify and configure your form. From basic functionality like renaming your form, to more advanced features like writing your own custom scripts to change the Form behavior using Form Controllers. To access the settings, click the 3 dot icon in the Form's header to view and configure that Form's settings.

Form Settings

Title: The title the end-user will see when filling out the form. The Title is how you will identify the form within your project.
Name: This is the machine name for your Form. It can only contain alphanumeric characters and will automatically populate from the title you enter in camel case. Form Names can be independently changed if you do not wish to carry the Title.
The Form Name is utilized when embedding the Form into your application.
API Path: The API Path is the endpoint for accessing the Form and Form submissions. The API path name, like the Form name, will auto-populate based on the Title but can also be changed independently.

PDF Settings

The PDF Form Settings allow the user to change various UI and theming elements for PDF First Forms and PDF submission downloads. Access Form Settings and scroll down to the PDF Settings section to utilize the following configurations.
Please navigate to PDF Form Guide to read more on the available PDF Form settings.

Form Controller

The Form Controller is a powerful concept of which gives control of the rendered form using JavaScript. The Form Controller can do almost limitless things in the context of the renderer, allowing users to change Wizard Headers, implement a Thank You Page, and execute complex logic and workflows.
Please Click Here for examples of the Form Controller in action.

Submission Collection

Modify the database collection that stores all of the submissions within the form. This allows the selection of certain fields as indexes for significant performance improvements. The Submission Collection feature is part of the Security Module suite. Visit the link or contact [email protected] for more information.

Form Deployment MachineName

The Machine Name connects the form to the project through import/export or deployments.
Tampering with the Form machineName can break Project imports and exports. Do not modify unless you know what you're doing.