Existing Resource Fields

Use the Existing Resource Fields to add pre-defined fields to your forms.

What are Existing Resource Fields? Existing Resource Fields are components within your Resources that can be reutilized in other Forms or Resources using the Form Builder. Existing Resource Fields carry over component settings, like validation and input masks, that have already been pre-configured within your Resource.

Why should I use Existing Resource Fields? Existing Resources Fields are very beneficial in the fact they save time and allow consistency when using the same type of fields and settings. This concept allows users to create a dedicated resource for pre-configured fields. This is an efficient way of configuring fields that you know will be needed for other Forms or Resources.

How do I use Existing Resource Fields? Start by creating a Resource and adding certain field types. Configure the field settings as needed.

Create a new Form or Resource. The Existing Resource Fields are found at the bottom of the Form Builder component list. Clicking the Existing Resource Field tab will display each Resource within your project. Clicking a Resource within this list will display the components found in that specific Resource. Simply drag and drop a field just like any other component to add to a form.

Any field added to a Form from the Existing Resource Field list will carry over all pre-configured settings. Below is an example of a Date/Time field configured for Date of Birth input with required validation and a tooltip to provide users information about the field. Because this field was configured within a Resource, the Date of Birth field can be added to any Form or Resource and retain all settings and configuration.

Best Practices & FAQ

  • Create a specific Resource to house all of your pre-defined fields

  • Existing Resource Fields can be further modified once they have been added to a Form.

  • Create your own 'Groupings' of components by adding a Layout component to your Resource and adding your fields within the layout type. Dragging the Layout component will also include the fields saved within that layout. This can be beneficial when a grouping of fields will be reutilized within other forms. For example, creating a User Information panel with fields like Name, Email, Phone Number, etc.

  • Existing Resource Fields do not link Resources and Forms together

  • If a field within a Resource is updated or changed, that field will not dynamically update if it has previously been added to other Forms. Users will need to remove and add the field again to their Form or Resource to update the settings. Alternatively, you can manually update the field settings instead of deleting and adding the field back to the form from the Existing Resource Field list.

  • The field's property name can only be changed from the Resource side. Ensure the Property Name is correct within the Resource before using the field.

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