Welcome to Form.io

Form.io is a combined Form and Data Management platform for form-based Progressive web applications. It enables web application developers to rapidly create the Forms and Resources using a simple drag-and-drop form builder interface. The creation of these forms generates a JSON schema that is used to both dynamically render the forms within the Progressive application, but also automatically generate the corresponding API to receive the data when that form is submitted.

The Form.io platform is capable of being the complete API engine for your Data Management Application. Typical applications built on top of Form.io are those which require complex Business workflows and Data Management, while at the same time need the deployment flexibilities offered through a Progressive environment (such as offline mode). Some examples of successful applications built on top of Form.io include but are definitely not limited to…

  • Customized CRM applications.

  • Customized Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).

  • Industrial data and process management systems.

  • Online Learning Management Systems (LMS) requiring iterative user access

  • Educational Organization Student and Alumni Portal systems.

  • User Onboarding and Management applications.

  • Inventory Tracking systems.

  • Liability and Medical Waiver Approval, Tracking, and Reporting Applications.

  • RFQ Processing and Management applications.

  • Medical form and Patient management applications.

  • User Registration systems

  • Remote Offline Data Collection and submission applications.

  • … and the list goes on and on.

This user guide will help to get you acquainted with the features and capabilities of Form.io, which will enable you to build your next Progressive Data Management application. Let’s get started!

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