Developer Portal

The Developer Portal is an application, and is the main landing page when authenticating into the platform. Here you can manage projects, teams, and environment License(s). Click the image below to review the different elements and features found on the portal page.

If your environment is remotely deployed, your deployment will include a Portal Base project. Here you can manage/create user accounts, configure Portal Translations, and apply other project customization.

Whether you're remotely deployed or consuming the SaaS model, you will find the following options and features within the Portal landing page.

The header section allows you to return to the main Portal page by clicking the logo. The Hamburger icon will collapse the navigation tab, providing additional screen space. Click the Documentation guide for quick access to the Help site, API Documentation, Examples, and more. Click your Username to access Account settings for updating profile information or logging out of the platform. The Language dropdown will allow you to translate the Portal into other languages if configured in your environment.


Manage and view existing projects from the Project tab. Each Project is represented by a tile that includes the Project Title, Description, and Project plan. Utilize the Search bar to quickly find the Project you're looking for! Click the +Create Project button to create a new one.

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Click the Teams tab to review all Team information associated with your account. Here you can find Teams you are part of or respond to any outstanding Team invitations.

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Account Settings

Here you can review or update your Username, Email, and password account settings. Your unique User ID can also be found in between the Name and User Name when viewing your account settings.

License Management

Customers with a Self Hosted License will manage the License Utilizations within the SaaS portal @ To manage your license, log into your account, then click the License Management page within the left-hand navigation bar. Here you will see an overview of all the License Keys associated with your account. The overview will provide information of how the license is being utilized, and allows for management of the license enablement, management, and utilization deletions.

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The footer section contains the Portal version (application) and formiojs version (renderer) the platform is deployed with.

In the example below, the current portal version is 8.0.1-rc.22, and formiojs renderer version is 4.14.13-rc.13.

The platform Sever, Portal, and formiojs version numbers are helpful when reporting issues to the support team.

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