All about Forms.

Forms are the primary interface within the system. Design a Form by dragging and dropping form components onto the form drop zone area. Components that are placed onto a Form will determine what that Form object looks like. When you are designing a form, you are creating the JSON Schema behind the form. The JSON Schema is then used in several ways:

  • Render the forms within a website/application

  • Generate the REST API interfaces on the server.

  • The form Embed URL hosts the JSON schema

The typical Form creation process and life cycle can look like the following:

  • Form Creation

  • Adding Form Components

  • Adding Actions

  • Setting Up Roles and Permissions

  • Managing Submission Data

Click Here to interact with our Form Build and see firsthand how a Form generates the JSON Schema to render the front-end form and create the back-end APIs.

Click Here for an in-depth explanation of how Forms and Resources work.

Form Embedding

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Using A Form

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