License Utilization Checks

License Utilization Requests

Certain requests to the API Server will require checks against your license before proceeding. These come in 2 different flavors: cached and blocking.

Cached License Utilization

These utilizations cache for 3 hours. On cache miss, a blocking license check is made. While inside the cache window, these requests are sent in the background.

Utilization Type


Submission Request

  • Listing Submissions

  • Creating Submissions

  • Patching Submissions

  • Updating Submissions

  • Retrieving Submission by ID

Interacting with some pages in the portal use several of these requests in a single page load to display / modify data

Form Request

  • Retrieve Form

  • Retrieve form Draft

Updating / Creating new forms does not incur a utilization

Blocking Utilization Checks

All other utilization checks are blocking in nature. They must receive a response from the license server before allowing the action to proceed.

This is a listing of portal routes, and relevant license utilization checks that may be made as part of it. Which checks are made depend on individual setup.


Potential License Checks

GET /project

tenant | stage

GET /project/:projectId

formManager | Accessibility | project | stage | tenant

POST /project

project | stage | tenant

PUT /project/:projectId

project | stage | tenant

DELETE /project/:projectId

project | stage | tenant

GET /project/:projectId/manage


POST /form


PUT /form/formId

PUT /form/:formId/draft

PATCH /form/:formId


DELETE /form/:formId


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